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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica


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Welcome to Plone 2007-05-16
Travers ferdig 2008-01-26
Sydpolen travers 2008-01-26
Mc murdo 2008-01-23
Sydpolen 2008-01-21
Sydpolen travers 2008-01-21
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Plateau Station 2007-12-25
Podcasts from the traverse 2007-12-29
NOR-USA Traverse celebrates New Year’s Day at Pole of Inaccessibility 2008-01-02
South Pole! 2008-01-21
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Events 2009-09-21
Past Events 2007-05-16
Weblog Archive
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28 2008-10-03
Weblog Entry
The traverse was visited by a Basler aircraft today 2007-12-17
Relaxing Christmas Day 2007-12-25
Means of navigation have changed dramatically 2007-12-23
Test flight with the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 2007-12-18
We have passed 80 degrees south 2007-12-26
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