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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica

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Ice Cores

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Ice cores provide a unique archive for studies of past climate conditions. We will study a multitude of different parameters, including electrical properties, isotopic composition, chemical composition, physical properties, and firn temperature. Electrical properties allow detection of volcanic ash layers in the ice cores whereas analysis of e.g. oxygen isotopes and chemical profiling provides information of temperature variations and atmospheric conditions. Together, our studies will allow for a detailed picture of snow characteristics and help with the determination of accumulation rates as well as interpretation of radar data.

Ice Core Chemistry

The high-resolution ice core chemistry sub-project is carried out by the Desert Research Institute and the Norwegian Polar Institute.

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Isotopic Studies

By the University of Vermont and the Norwegian Polar Institute.

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Physical Properties

Investigation of snow and firn physical properties, by Dartmouth College.

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Firn Temperature

Temperature profiling by the University of Colorado

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DEP - dielectric profiling along ice cores for determination of electrical properties, by the Norwegian Polar Institute

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