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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica

Entries For: October 2007


Onsdag 31.oktober - Trollstasjonen

I dag ga Stein oss en introduksjon i issikkerhet og redningsteknikker, ved å bruke veggen på Trollstasjonen som øvingssted. read more...


Tirsdag 30. oktober - Trollstasjonen

Alle arbeidet hardt i dag med å gjøre i stand utstyret til traversen. read more...


Mandag 29. oktober - Trollstasjonen

I dag hadde vi en veldig produktiv dag!

Mandag november 29/10

TESTER oversettelse

Mandag 29.oktober - Troll

I dag hadde vi en veldig produktiv dag!


Sunday, Troll Station and Sofietoppen

Troll station shifts to Greenwich Mean Time in the summer, and so we had two extra hours of sleep last night, which felt great! read more...


Saturday, Troll Station

We woke up to the traditional weather at Troll – sunshine! The day began with a planning session, where we each listed the tasks we need to accomplish at Troll in order to prepare for our traverse. read more...


Friday, CPT-Troll

We left balmy Cape Town at 10:00 at night on a roomy South African cargo plane. By virtue of perfect flying weather at Cape Town, en route, and in Troll, experienced pilots, and good pre-flight planning, the 8-hour flight was a breeze! read more...


Thursday, Cape Town

Today we are scheduled to fly to Troll Station, leaving Cape Town at 10:00 pm, arriving the Ice Runway at Troll at about 6:00 am tomorrow. read more...


Wednesday, Cape Town

Today was considered to be possibly our last day for ice cream, and possibly the last day to see and experience lush vegetation. read more...


Tuesday, Cape Town

After our morning meeting we all piled into two shuttle busses with all of the personal cold-weather gear and science equipment that we had brought to Cape Town, and headed to the aircraft hangar at the airport. read more...


Monday, Cape Town

Early this morning Jan-Gunnar, John, Kjetil, and Karsten, arrived at our hotel in Cape Town. The core of the expedition traverse team is now either in Cape Town or Troll. read more...


Sunday, Cape Town

Stian arrived today and the Americans spent the day recovering their 6-8 hour jet-lag and taking walking tours of Cape Town’s wharf area, complete with wonderfully exotic food, terrific views of ocean and mountains, warm sunshine, and short sleeved-shirts and short pants (most of which we won’t see much of in the coming months). read more...


Saturday, Cape Town

The five Americans arrived in Cape Town late in the evening after approximately 22 hours in airplanes and 9 hours in airports. We are all happy this part of our travels is behind us! read more...

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