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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica


Sunday, Troll Station and Sofietoppen

by Stein Tronstad sist endret 03.10.2008 - 10:18

Troll station shifts to Greenwich Mean Time in the summer, and so we had two extra hours of sleep last night, which felt great!

Norway shifted back to winter time at 3 am, while Troll Station swithced to GMT to align itself with all the other stations in the DROMLAN air network, in order to ease the coordination of the summer flight operations.

We spent part of the day adding new material to the education page of our website, doing the first tests of the deep radar system, and working on the UAV. The weather in the afternoon was again beautiful, and we all went on a hike up Sopfietoppen, a mountain next to the station. The vistas of Troll and the surrounding glaciers are breathtaking!

- Mary

28 October, Sunday

Image: Returning down to Troll Station from Nonshøgda and Sofietoppen (click to enlarge). Photo: Stein Tronstad.

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