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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica


Arrival at Kohnen Station

by Tom Neumann — sist endret 22.02.2009 - 23:03

After 7.5 days of travelling, we have covered the 780km to Kohnen Station. It is amazing after seeing nothing but the plateau for weeks, to come across another outpost.

Location: Kohnen Station, 75º 0’ S, 0º 0’ E
Weather: All clear, -34 C, wind 12 kts

Hard to believe, but at about 1500 this afternoon, small black dots started appearing on the horizon.  Over the next hour, these dots grew larger and proved to be Kohnen Station.  We parked at 1600 this afternoon, after 7.5 days and 780 km of travelling.  This is first outpost we have seen since leaving South Pole station some 43 days ago.  It is comforting in some way to know that other people have been here.  In tomorrow's post, Stein will tell us all about the science that lead to the establishment and maintenance of the station.

We have come to the station to recover a fuel cache which was left for us last season.  The station map we received last summer shows the location of our 25 drums of fuel, and these were apparent as we drove in.  This afternoon, the technical group is collecting and loading the drums on to our sledges, and preparing for the last stretch.  At last check, we have 900 kilometres yet to go to Troll Station (via Site 7 and the ice shelf offloading site).  Although we do have some margin, these 25 drums will insure that we arrive at Troll in good style, with some fuel to spare.  While we are here, Kirsty will do a low frequency radar survey, and Zoe will collect a short firn core.  As long as we are here, we can't resist doing some science. 

At the moment, all is quiet here at Kohnen, and there are no other people here; typically the station is only staffed During the summer season.  However, there will be a flight tomorrow (coincidentally enough) to service the weather station here, and do the final preparations for the upcoming winter.  We may or may not still be here when the flight arrives, as we hope to drive on to our last science stop (Site 7) tomorrow, some 110 kilometers from here.


The traverse team in front of Kohnen Station. Photo: Stein Tronstad/NPI

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