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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica

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Expedition Diary

An inventory of daily impressions from the field


Meanwhile, in McMurdo

The NOR-US-traverse season 2 team 2 is ready! The 6 team members are into their second week at McMurdo Station on Ross Island, now waiting for the ride to the South Pole. read more...


In the snow pit

The last few days Tom and I have worked on a snow pit. At dinner, John paraphrased Tom Waits, and asked me, “what are you doing down there?” This is a fair enough question. read more...


Halfway Through



One foot on the brake, and one on the gas

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you back in the USA! We are cooking a turkey on Saturday for the event, and have opted to keep today as a regular work day (well, as regular as any of the days are here...). read more...


Chinook Drives Again!

Today did not bring the calmer weather we had hoped for, and the wind stayed around 20 knots all day. However, there was a big step forward today: the completion of the repair of the first vehicle, Chinook. read more...


Warming, but windy

The wind that came up on yesterday (the 24th) stuck around all day today, making some of the outdoor tasks a bit more challenging. Zoe and I have been hoping that the wind dies down a bit, so we can dig our first snow pit. read more...


The Science Tent

Today Tom and I worked to sort all the equipment that had been left over the winter in the Science Tent. The Science Tent is a nice, little Weatherhaven tent that Lou and Glen had constructed last year on the back of one of the sleds. read more...

Sunny Days at Camp Winter

Today was another calm sunny day here at Camp Winter. The main activities for the day involved getting the workshop tent ready for service. read more...


Welcome to the Berco repair shop, 87 degrees South!

The garage tent is up and all the parts and tools have been moved into it. read more...


Camp Winter Expands

Today was the first full day with all the cargo and people here in Camp Winter. The main task of the day was erecting the workshop tent. read more...


Third Time's a Charm?

Today was our second try at bringing cargo into Camp Winter. read more...


Waiting on the Weather

Today we had planned to send one or two loads of cargo in to the crew at Camp Winter. The report this morning from Camp Winter was that the skiway is complete, and that all was well. read more...


Once again reorganize the cargo

With the rest of the team gone and safely out at Camp Winter, Lou, Tom and I worked to once again reprioritize and reorganize the cargo for the three Basler flights we will have scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. read more...


Rough surface

Today we were supposed to have two Twin Otter flights into Camp Winter, but due to the rough surface and possible damage that could be inflicted on the plane, the pilot only wanted to do one more flight to bring in passengers. read more...


Camp Winter is Opened!

Last week, a reconnaissance flight over the vehicles determined that the surface out there is too rough to land for the Basler aircraft we were scheduled to take on Saturday. read more...


More work!

The sixth day down here started with discussions about what to bring to Camp Winter with the Twin-Otter, which we now have 3 flights with. read more...


Logistics is the word

Work needs to be done and logistics is the word when getting the traverse going. read more...


Great challenges ahead

Logistics are tough in the extreme climate conditions we experience at the South Pole. One of our next challenges will be to erect the large garage tent under these conditions. read more...


-44 degrees C at the South Pole

It is almost springtime at the South Pole, looking at the temperature statistics. The spring 'warm up' will be most welcome as we head towards Camp Winter for vehicle repairs. read more...


We reduce the risk of altitude sickness

Today is another day of acclimatization here at the South Pole. By taking it easy today, we reduce the risk of altitude sickness. read more...

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