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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica



An overview of principal meetings for the traverse.

5th meeting

April, 2008
Tromsø, Norway
A planning meeting of all of the investigators and personnel on the first and second year traverses met to present and discuss data from the first year of the traverse, and to coordinate the measurements and logistics for the second year traverse.

4th meeting

July, 2007
Hanover, New Hampshire, United States
A subset of the full group with a particular interest in ice cores gathered at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in NH. Also joining us were three participants of the 1960’s South-Pole Queen Maud Land Traverses. Olav Orheim, Charlie Bentley and John Clough shared pictures, stories and ideas from their experiences that helped us plan our upcoming traverse. The group finalized the selection of ice core sites, established core-processing protocols and devised a plan to cut and ship the ice cores that we collect. It was a pleasure to spend time with people who had been through these areas before and bring them together again to share stories and ideas.

3rd meeting

June 13 -15, 2007
Jackson, New Hampshire, United States
All participants of the 07-08 traverse and most of Principal Investigators, as well as representatives from media groups (NRK and Polar Palooza) gathered at the Eagle Mountain House Hotel in New Hampshire. One of the goals of this meeting was to establish and prioritize science programs, in case of weather or other delays on the traverse. The science plan, which had been evolving through many teleconferences since the October 2006 meeting, was thoroughly examined. The group had fun trying on outdoor gear and discussing the menu. Each tossed in their ideas to make traverse enjoyable. The meeting played a key role in building bonds between the traverse team members, both those going and those not going on the traverse. Everyone went back to their home institution with that they are part of a new ‘family’.

NH meeting 1Glen showing the expedition parkas at the New Hampshire meeting, with Unni filming for NRK. NH meeting 2Einar going through the planned personal equipment for the traverse. (Both images: click to enlarge.)

2nd meeting

Arlington, Virginia, United States
October 1 – 2, 2006
Most of the Principal Investigators and a few other key personnel met at the Unites States’ National Science Foundation headquarters in Virginia. The first day saw presentations of science goals by each participant and discussion of the logistics. On the second day, a collective presentation of the traverse plan was made by Jan-Gunnar Winther on behalf of the team to representatives of the NSF. Also we had a discussion of coordinated logistics with the representatives of the United States Antarctic Program.

1st meeting

Tromsø, Norway.
May 6-9, 2005.
Scientists from the U.S. and Norway gathered at the Norwegian Polar Institute to explore potential collaborations for a traverse of Antarctica for the upcoming International Polar Year. We realized that we had many shared interests and there are compelling science questions. The concept evolved into what is now the Norway-U.S. Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica.

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