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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica


Norwegian-American IPY Traverse

by Stein Tronstad sist endret 16.11.2007 - 13:50

Norwegian and American scientists are joining efforts in a 2-season traverse across some of the least known parts of East Antarctica, to expand our knowledge about the effects of climate change in the Cold Continent.

East Antarctica is the least explored part of Antarctica and is home to Earth's oldest and thickest layered ice and long-isolated subglacial lakes. Ice cores provide the longest records of climate and past atmospheric composition, yet it remains a challenge to understand the means by which the signals of regional and global climate variability become locked into the ice to become the climate record. The Norwegian-US traverse will collect data along a 2800 km route from the coast in Dronning Maud Land to the South Pole and investigate present and past accumulation rate and climate variability, survey the inner unexplored part of the continent, and obtain a chronological linkage between the ice core drilling sites in East Antarctica. The project provides the opportunity to explore unknown parts of our planet, to help in answering crucial questions related to sea level, present-past and future climate variability, and cryosphere-atmosphere interactions.

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