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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica

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GPR-SAR comparison

Comparison of data from satellite-borne Synthetic Aperture Radar instruments and ground-based Ground Penetrating Radars by the University of Oslo, Norut AS and the University of Maine.

Science Objectives

  • Separate scattering effects from volume inhomogeneties and layer interfaces
  • Ground-truth for SAR satellite observations



The image shows and example of comparison between Envisat ASAR polarimetric data (alternating polarization) and polarimetric C-band GPR and P- band GPR data. The data identifies firn layering and scatters on the Kongsvegen Glacier at Svalbard. The goal is to derive algorithms that will separate scattering from volume inhomogeneties and layer interfaces based on SAR imagery. The goal is to enable extraction of snow, firn and ice properties from SAR satellite sensors. For the traverse we will also obtain L- band data from the ALOS PALSAR and fully polarimetric data from Radarsat II which will improve our ability to extract snow and firn parameters by allowing more parameters to be determined by the retrieval algorithms and thus depend less on parameterization.

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