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Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica

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Traverse arrives at South Pole

by Stein Tronstad last modified 2008-12-12 22:19

Thursday, December 11, the Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica pulled into Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The arrival is a milestone for the project itself, and also for Norwegian exploration and science in Antarctica: The traverse is the first Norwegian government-supported expedition to reach the South Pole since Roald Amundsen’s in 1911.

Traverse arrives at South Pole

Team one at the South Pole: Einar, Svein, Lou, Zoe, Glen, John, Tom, Kjetil, and Rune.

The arrival marks one of the major milestones of this project; signaling the end of the outward journey, and marks the beginning of the return to Troll Station.  The traverse team will spend about 10 days at the South Pole, reloading the sledges with supplies and equipment for the return journey, exchanging crew members and preparing for the science to be done across the Recovery subglacial lakes and the Dronning Maud Land ice sheet.  Leaving the South Pole around December 20, the traverse team expects to reach Troll Station around the same date in February.

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